• Hello and welcome to MyKookieJar!

    We love fabric buttons!

    I have always liked pretty things as a kid, making my own trinkets for dresses, jewelry and shoes by hand. I once found a broken off fabric button inside an old cookie jar of random sewing and crafting kits and thought of fixing it to hair accessories. I originally started making button hair accessories as a hobby, then later on discovered fabric buttons look adorable as earrings and so it became my passion to make handmade button jewelry . I love using fabric with bright colors and unique prints. Each piece I create tells a story and lifts up the mood.

    The patterns I see everyday inspire me to make these adorable peices that can match your every day look and style, if you feel like wearing a different one, open the cookie jar and check out my collection!

    Karla Garcia
    MyKookieJar Founder